Jimmy Schoettle
Musician / Producer / Composer
For Jimmy Schoettle, the guitar has been a lifelong fascination.  Although he plays keyboards, violin, drums, and percussion instruments, it's the guitar that he excels at and loves more than all other instruments.  From the age of 13 when he borrowed his first one, the guitar has become his passion and obsession.

Jimmy has had a wide variety of early guitar influences such as, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Jimmy Page, Carlos Santana, Al Dimeola, Pat Metheny, Joe Pass, and Wes Montgomery.  The late G.I.T.  founder and studio musician Howard Roberts once told Jimmy, regarding music styles "if you steal from one person it's plagiarism, if you steal from twenty it's research." so Jimmy has been doing "research" for close to thirty years.  You can hear bits and pieces of all the above players in Jimmy's diverse style in addition to players like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Gary Moore, and Eric Johnson.

Growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago exposed Jimmy to a dozens of different types of bands and hundreds of gigs. He worked for years "jobbing" with bands,  from top 40 dance bands to jazz and blues bands, country, fusion, rock groups, studio sessions and anything in between.

Following the trends in technology in the late 80's Jimmy received a degree in digital electronics and opened his first project studio to provide music for corporate video production.  It was here that Jimmy realized his passion and talents for producing. His first major work received international acclaim, a 15 minute music bed for a Lions Club International  video shown in Melbourne Australia for over 10,000 people. Jimmy had found his "dream job".

Since then Jimmy has worked on scores of projects including an animated childrens series,  jingles, commercials, music beds for The Discovery Channel, numerous corporate video projects, and his own solo piece Acoustic Island, a lite acoustic jazz collection..   In 2006 Jimmy produced and wrote many of the songs on "First Taste", the debut CD from Denver based Jazz band Fusion Juice. Then in 2015 Jimmy produced another Fusion Juice release "Refill", a powerful collection of jazz cover tunes with an outstanding group of studio musicians.

Jimmy Schoettle is currently in production of a new solo CD to be released in 2019, in addtion to working with the Fusion Juice Jazz & Blues Project. 
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