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What's New Jimmy?
One of my favorite things in the world is to play live in front of large crowds of music lovers.  The energy a big audience gives off is amazing and contagious, effecting the musicians to perform at much higher levels than usual.  Yet, a frustrating reality for the musician (and sometimes the audience) is that live sound is extremely difficult to manage, especially for smaller clubs and venues.  Unfortunately only a small percentage of audience members get to sit in the acoustic "sweet spot" or the best sounding place in the room, until now.

I've recently acquired a new sound amplification system that allows the audience, regardless of where you are in the room, to experience the same audio quality that the musicians hear on stage, close to that of a recording studio.  From small to large rooms, either very quiet or at room filling levels, the quality stays consistent and incredibly clear.

In addition to the quality sound system I have adopted a V.R.S. setup.  A Virtual Rythm Section lets me record the Keyboards, Bass and Drum tracks in the recording studio ahead of time to use in live performances.  I found this necessary as many of the clubs and venues we used to play have either had to close their doors or greatly cut back on the entertainment budgets.  A troubled economy effects everyone, even musicians.

The real advantage to the V.R.S. is the ability to play smaller and more diverse rooms, at an affordable budget for our clients, and still have phenomenal sound!  I can now provide a "full band experience" by just adding another guitarist, a sax player or even a singer.  Take a listen to the video clip above, recorded LIVE at a private party using the V.R.S. system.  This is exactly how it sounded in the room, and we really had a fantastic time. 

So watch for Jimmy Schoettle and V.R.S. coming to a club near you.
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(Virtual Rythm Section)
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